Over the last two decades, Specialty fibers and fiber laser technology had several breakthroughs which turned it into an enabling technology for large amount of applications and research topics.


The advances in these fiber optical technologies were originally targeted to communication transport applications. Nevertheless, the reliability, compactness, cost, and quality advantages also have merit for creation of novel optical sources for large variety of industrial applications as well as in academic research.


Based on this major advance in specialty fiber technology, the 1st International Meeting on Fiber Lasers and Applications in Israel, took place on June 23-24 ,2014, in Bar-Ilan University (http://www.fli.org.il/BRPortal/br/P102.jsp?arc=665419).The meeting was a great success and more than 250 people from Israel and overseas attended the sessions, which were focused on evolving fiber laser technologies.


It gives us great pleasure to invite you to the second IFLA meeting, which will take place within the OASIS 6 conference on February 27-28.


The meeting will focus on recent advances in fiber laser technology and related applications, as well as on recent advances in fiber laser components and specialty fibers. The scientific and industrial sessions will also emphasize the synergy between research institutes and industries, for promoting collaborations between various entities. In addition to fiber laser innovative technologies, this meeting will also focus on general specialty fiber advance and various applications.


The meeting’s sessions will host lectures from the top researchers and representatives of the leading universities, research institutes and industries around the world.


The meeting topic Areas are:

  • Fiber lasers applications (including: defense, medical, biomedical, industrial, etc.).
  • High power and High energy fiber lasers (including ultrafast fiber laser sources).
  • Specialty fibers and fiber based components.
  • New directions in fiber designs for new innovative applications.


In addition, IFLA attendees will have free admission to all other OASIS 6 sessions and to the exhibition hall (http://oasis6.pwizard.com/)


The target audience includes optical scientists and engineers working in this field. We encourage students from all institutions of higher learning to participate in this meeting. It will expose them to the latest research and development, and help them interact with representatives of academy and industry.


Scientific committee:

Dr. Zachary Sacks, Elbit Systems – Head

Dr. Kobi Lasri, VGEN Spectra Physics

Dr. Ariel Bruner, Soreq

Prof. Avishay Eyal, Tel-Aviv University

Prof. Baruch Fischer, Technion

Prof. Nir Davidson, Weizmann Inst.

Prof. Amiel Ishaaya, Ben-Gurion University

Prof. Michael Rosenbluh, Bar-Ilan University

Prof. Ady Arie, Tel-Aviv University

Dr. Shaul Pearl, Soreq


Organizing Committee:

Prof. Abraham Katzir – Chairman

Dr. Yoav Sintov, Soreq – Head

Dr. Boaz Lissak, Elbit Systems

Prof. Amiel Ishaaya, Ben-Gurion University

Prof. Zeev Zalevsky- Bar-Ilan University

Mrs. Meirav Adler -AEAI


Special keynote speakers for IFLA:


1. Prof. Almantas Galvanauskas


Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of Michigan
Division: ECE
Email: almantas@umich.edu


2. Prof. Andreas Tunnermann


Professor and Director of the Institute of Applied Physics in Friedrich-Schiller-University and the Director of the Fraunhofer Institute of Applied Optics and Precision Engineering in Jena.

Email: Andreas.Tuennermann@iof.fraunhofer.de


3. Prof. Yoel Fink


Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Functional Fabrics of America, Inc. (AFFOA)

Professor of Materials Science and Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Email: yoel@mit.edu


We invite you to actively participate in our meeting and submit your latest work in this field.


Please submit your abstract to the OASIS website (https://oasis6a.herokuapp.com/)  following the OASIS submission instructions (http://oasis6.org.il/abstract-submission-instructions/)  and indicate in the Topic box “IFLA – Fiber Laser and Applications”.