Lunch Symposium – Bwt Beijing


Lunch Symposium – BWT Beijing



We invite you to participate in the OASIS 6 Lunch Symposium sponsored by BWT Beijing on Tuesday, February 28th, 2017, in the Aubergine Restaurant in the David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel Aviv. 


Lecture title: 140W Wavelength-Stabilized Fiber-Coupled Diode Laser at 976nm

Presenter: Bob (Chao) Lang, Products Manager at BWT_Beijing, on behalf of Dr. Ray Xu


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Author Introduction


Xu Lei, English name Ray Xu, 1968, Chinese – American, Graduated from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,Nanotechnology, Postdoc.


He has 30years experience on semiconductor technology research field. He harvests four international patents. And he also has more than 10years experience in R&D project management with the strong leadership skill.


  • He has held international advanced technology of many kinds of high power semiconductor lasers
  • He has a lot of enterprise management and project management
  • He has contributed to formulate product development strategies, return on investment analysis and resource planning;
  • He led to several top products in the international research and development project, hosted by the project which worth tens of millions of dollars (in charge of the project budget, planning, team, technical route and execution, lead the team members including the United States research and development, marketing, sales, production, quality, procurement team and China research and development, production team, complete product from concept design, sample development, product qualification testing, to set up the production line to mass production).
  • He is good at designing for manufacturing to ensure product quality and reduce the cost.




Xiaochen Jiang, Yueting Wu, Yanan Wang and Ray Xu


In this paper, we report BWT’s most recent developments in wavelength-stabilized fiber-coupled diode lasers. Advances in our single emitter packaging technology have allowed us to increase output power to 140W from 100W, into a 105μm 0.22 NA fiber at 976 nm, while using Volume Bragg Gratings (VBG) to lock the wavelength. This product has a spectral FWHM lower than 0.6nm and wavelength shift of less than 0.02nm/°C. The high brightness module is also very efficient with an electrical to optical efficiency around 50%.


Keywords: Volume Bragg gratings (VBGs), wavelength stabilized, fiber coupled diode lasers, high brightness, single emitter



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